Sunday, July 23, 2017


The most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my whole life.
Want to break up but wait for boyfriend to initiate the break up?
If you have the intention to break up, why wait for boyfriend to break up with you?
Can't you be the one who have the intention to break up in the first place to initiate the break up?
This is immature thinking or just playing games?

22 years old. 25 ex boyfriends. Wow! Very exciting life she had.

Sunday, July 09, 2017




Saturday, July 01, 2017

What I did in Jun 2017 | I only know how to eat and done nothing productive this month!

 It has been years since I last ate HDL. Still as good as still as expensive! HAHHA!

Standing sushi bar. Back here to satisfy colleague salmon cravings~

Went to Padma new BTO house warming~ When can I get my own house?

Padma dog loves to step on me~ HHAHH! So cute!

Finally I refreshed my shrimp tank!!! Yayy~

 Chao ta toast~ Too much sugar bits, I prefer toast box ones~

 Comparable dian xiao er in JB.

 Clean looking meow~

Tried the minions. So cute but taste so so~ I feel that they are too thick, too much carbs.

Finally I remembered to use my minnie bowl~ So cute!

 One of my favourite starbucks drink is back. I love the earl grey jelly!

 As usual topped with lots of cinnamon powder~ Not easy to find someone who loves sprinkle lots of cinnamon powder on starbucks drink like I do.

Believe it or not, this is my first time visiting geylang serai hari raya pasar malam. And first time eating this too. I went Taiwan saw it but didn't try it. HHAHA! Taste quite nice but best to share~

 Roadside lok lok at JB. First time eating and I love it!
 Often buffet raw oysters disappoint me but today ones were good and not fishy. Or is it because I flood it with too much lemon juice and too much Tabasco sauce? XD

 Colleague loots from Taiwan. Pokemon soda! So cute!