Saturday, December 09, 2017


Being in a toxic relationship can make someone lose its individualism.

Someone once said:
Just because you love someone and they love you, doesn't mean you belong together. Love/ deep feelings for someone does not equal compatibility. In fact I think it's equally important to find someone with the same principles, morals, life visions and goals as it is to have chemistry. It's not about finding someone you can't live without. It's about finding someone you can live with.

It's so painful to try to be with someone and love yourself at the same time when the person doesn't have the same principles as you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Malaysia - Penang 2017 | 27 to 29 July

Day 1

Seafood dinner by the beach.

Fragrant durian by the roadside stall.

 Mangoesteen flower.

So nicely tied.

Night view from the hotel top floor.

Enjoying instant mala hotpot supper in hotel.

Day 2
Simple breakfast in the hotel.

Lunch at Nyonya restaurant.

 Very sweet chendol.

Steamboat dinner and this is really super good!

Day 3

Breakfast at dim sum restaurant.

Snake temple visit.

Lunch. These roasted stuff taste really super good!

 So good that we ordered a second serving of duck meat.

Time to fly back to reality.