Monday, April 28, 2008

Start Pon School le.

Where have my happiness gone?

Today is my first time pon school for the new semester. Whenever i pon school, i feel very relax and happy. Today is the same too, i enjoy myself very much too. :) After a long rest, i finally have the good mood and energy to return back to school and start battling tomorrow.

After i had gotten an A grade from tomorrow A&P facilitator, Arul, i started to like her and will be more hardworking in her lesson. She has gave me the motivation to push myself more harder. :)

Back to the topic.

I went library to browse and borrow one book. Maybe i will be loving that book because i already fall in love with the title. It was, 'Before Midnight'. It was the retelling of 'Cinderella'. I have always like cinderella book so anything related to Cinderella, i will be quite interested in it. The cover page of the book already shown a very nice Golden Cinderella grown. In reality, it will be bling bling and sparkling. So Beautiful! :)

I always spent so much money for all my personal outing. Mostly was spent on food because i love to eat and maybe i was quite hungry ba or maybe i eat to relieve stress or maybe some other ridiculous reasons ba. .-__-.

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