Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happening Friday morning.

How magical can this be?

Yesterday morning was so happening and magical. The happening ones was that i saw a full bus 966 or whatsoever number which i forgotten was stopped at the middle side of highway. I was thinking that those people inside would sure felt very panic and upset because most of them would sure be rushing to work and they were running late. The driver was like so helpless at that time because he was standing beside his sit and doing some talking. I dunno what was it about. I felt very sad for them. :( I hope it won't happen to me just when i am about to run late.

Just when i was still thinking about the bus, suddenly i saw many A4 white papers rolling around the floor. I think someone must have accidentally dropped a stack of paper from a vehicle. I wonder were those important information or just blank A4 paper? The view was very spectacular when so many white paper rolling along the opposite long stretch of the road on a highway. There were so many cars moving along and paper rolling within. How dramatic can this get?

After that i think a strong wind was outside blewing and caused the dead leaves on the trees to fall and fly down. There were many brown colour tiny leaves falling and since it was on my side of the highway, the leaves beat against the second floor bus window which was near me. This is also so dramatic.

Loves that morning so much! :)

In the class, i had a good day and we when to meet the module chair together but she wanted us to co-operate with the monster. T.T SICKENING! My class was united to insist on everyone wearing black as if going for monster funeral. HAHHAHA. We wanted to show her attitude. Now i started to like my class except for some of the chinese girls. This was just the same like in my last semester class. :) YEAH! I love my classmates!

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