Tuesday, May 06, 2008


HAHs. I know that many thinks that getai is only for auntie and uncle. That is only what the image protrays last time. Last time getai was quite boring which only those uncle and auntie who loves those boring performances went. Now it was different, it was so much more entertaining and more interesting. What's more is that getai is Singapore culture. If no youngsters watch then in future getai will extinct. :(

To me getai is like concert except that it it free. :D I enjoys the concert like professional lightings, concert type band, concert like stage decoration (fire boxs, plants, colourful fonts, etc.) and lastly the stereo set produce music that was loud, clear and with the blast. It will be just like concert if the singers are Korea celebrites and the audiences are the ones who loves their music.

Recently there was this hokkien song that i like from the getai - 家後. It was one of the Taiwanese folks drama song. The song was quite nice when it was sang live provided that the singer had a nice voice to sing it. :) Now i will be looking forward to that song when i go getai.

Anyway, i don't anyhow go to any random getai. I have my set of criteria to help me decide weather i should or should not go to that getai. My criteria are:
- It must be by Li Xin company. They have the best lightings and band on hand.
- If the getai is from Li Xin company, then i can the very handsome stage master - Zhi Wei. He was so handsome that will strike lightings even when i saw him from far away. If he was a singer or actor, he will sure have many many fans, more than Li Min Shun maybe.
- The type of getai must be grand and big type one. Some getai is by Li Xin but the stage is small and the space can only accommodate lesser audiences.

I will be more supportive of getai if more singers can sing my generation songs. Those songs which are fast and have a nice beat rhythms. :) But overall, i still love GETAI and will keep this Singapore culture going on...

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