Sunday, May 11, 2008

Total up posts.

I want to make and eat sushi roll! YUMMY!

I have just finish watching a new japanese drama called The Queen's Classroom. This is quite a similar but more scary story about me ad my class monster facilitator. If the drama story is a true one, then they will be suffering more hardship than we do. We are considered 1000x more fortunate than them. I believe there are other students more misfortunate than us so if they are able to overcome the problem, so can we. :) But i don't think i need to overcome it but to escape from it because i only wanted good life in my life. Bad things have to be reject by me in my life.

After finishing watching that, I am now currently watching another new japanese drama called Hana Yori Dango. It is the japanese version of Meteor garden. I think this japanese version onewas much more nicer than the chinese version but anywayi still like both version on top of all other drama. :)

Yesterday there was a very strong wind that all of a sudden have the strong force to close my window. It was so scary and after i had closed all the window, they wind was so strong that it blew against the window and creating a ghosty knocking sound. It freaked me out and i was so scared that i didn't dare to move. :( This is the first time that i had encountered such a whole wind in my whole life. I wondered what caused the wind and did anything or anyone got hurt by the strong wind?

Another issue is about the miraculous stone called the Tourmaline. This stone can help to improve circulation, relieving stress, increase mental alertness, strengthening immune system. This is because of the positive and negative charge electrode in the stone. When the both charge connect together, they produce a elctricity of 0.06mA. It affect our blood because our body contains positive and negative charge that will connect with the opposite charge in the stone to produce electricity that vibrate the aqueous blood molecules to helps it moves the body all over the body and hence aid in the circulation. :) COOL isn't it?

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