Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Plans on opening a BLOGSHOP.

I am as busy as this city!

Now i am in the mid of preparing to open my own BLOGSHOP. I decided to open one after getting to know that christine and her younger sister were also opening one. Since i have them to guide me and ask questions from. Actually I wanted them to help me sell but their response shows that they don't feel like they were very willing to help me. They also wanted a high commission from me. Maybe this was because they were thinking about earning money only.

Therefore i decided to open one myself. Hopefully i am able to manage it and get a bright sky out of it. :X The shop will officially open on 21JUNE2008. Meanwhile i need to take photos of all the items and send it to my laptop. Then i have to post it on my blogshop and put in the desciption. Oh my, i was going to be so busy that i need a helper. But thinking about hiring a helper, i will be earning lesser.

I still have my studies, my PP and my English to cope with. SIGH! JIA YOU ba! :D :) :]

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