Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Young BigBang.

Love~ Love~ Love~

I had a strange dream. I dreamt that BigBang was coming to my school Republic Polytechnic to perform. I was so elated at that time. I tried to enter the backstage to see them and then I saw them reaching my school and was going to enter the backstage.
What I saw was scary, I saw young BigBang, all were looking younger than me and much more shorter than me. I only had eye contact with G-Dragon because I like him the most in the group. I was very stunned at that time.
I was wondering they look so tall on sage when I viewed their performances on YouTube but in real life they are so tiny. There was a moment I was thinking of stop idolizing them because they look so different and weird from how they looked like in YouTube.
But after all this was just a weird and stupid dream. Hahs.

Just now I went to TampinesMall TheRoyals to buy cake to eat. I want to taste which cake is nicer to be my birthday cake. I ate Strawberry cake and BlackForest cake just now. I prefer BlackForest over Strawberry cake. Trying more flavour next time. :)

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