Friday, February 13, 2009

Mind cafe + Sakae sushi + Changi airport.

Yesterday went out with the few beauties - WanNing, WenQian, ShuYun and WanHong.

I was supposed to meet all except ShuYun first as she was having fyp meeting at RP and need some time to rush back to Tampines. In the end WanNing need to see her teacher regarding some project members problem so she decided to meet us at Mind Cafe.

I reached the bus stop opposite Safra where we are all meeting at 2.00pm punctually. As expect I knew that some of them will be late. Due to that they informed me that they will be late, I quickly ran off to Tampines to buy the next day breakfast for my Mum.

We went Mind Cafe after meeting all except WanNing. She came later to join us. We played a couple of games and enjoyed ourself. I both dislike and like the person who served us. What make me like him is because his service is good and I just love and respect people who served me well. I dislike him because he explained very detailed for each game we played. We want to read the instruction ourself and be independent. After an hour, we left for Sakae sushi for tea and dinner.

At Sakae sushi we ate a lot but I not really like all the food because maybe the taste is too plain for me. Next time I would suggest them to go for steamboat buffet. This two places I have gone had costed me $17.50 in Sakae sushi and $6 at mind cafe. Nowsaday, dining at anywhere are so expensive.

Strawberries smiles. :)

After that we went Pet safari for pets viewing. Nothing much that leaves me unforgettable because all the pets refused to play with me. They were all sleepy and hungry. They only got active when their dinner came.

After that we went Changi airport to view planes at terminal 2. We were discussing about our future overseas plan no further than 2 years. I am looking forward to that trip to either Genting or Sunway logoon with my friends without parents. I look travelling either alone or travelling without my parent because I can made decision on my own. :)

ShuYun also bought us to the fun corner in terminal 3. The place provide thick coloring crayons, wood block with patterns of singapore place of interest and thick stacks of papers for us to put on the wooden block and shade it. I had a lot of fun over there. After that we went home feeling tired but happy. :)

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