Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dreaming about G-dragon~

I dreamt about Big bang.

I dreamt that TaeYang was my neighbour brother and I wa so surprised and shock about this news because Taeyang is a korean but with a chinese family? So he can speak chinese and his family can speak korean? Weird!

At the same time another shock came, the other Big bang members happened to walk behind us after alighting from their own bus to the other block whereby the small stage is to perform. And then I saw G-dragon and I am so happy~ I wanted to ask TaeYang to introduce me to G-dragon so I can make friend with him.

Without having the opportunities to do so and hug him or even a handshake, I woke up from my dream thinking that how good TaeYang family was to be my neighbour.

At that same time I was very happy to see no crazy fans of G-dragon. Everyone was like folks of the area and was kind of celebrating some neighbourhood events. All the people there are more interested in the event rather than the big guest - big bang. As for me, I am very happy that I will be able to see G-dragon without been squeeze by the fans or blocked by them.

Hooray to this nice dream~ :)

Happy valentine days to every lovers out there~ Cheers~

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