Sunday, February 22, 2009

Him and a new him.

Just came back from Getai at Eunos mrt field. That Getai was a very big one because of the dunno what temple event. This event was held every year and last for a week plus. Next tuesday was the last day already and the few days before that, there was Getai show but my mum forgot about it. She was so upset about it.

We went there halfway and we couldn't get a seat so we loitered around and end up leaning on the barrier that enclosed the counter selling joss sticks and papers. The view was of course very bad.

It was quite good for me because CZW, getai stage director happened to come into the counter for friends gathering. I was so shock that he came in because it was quite far from the stage counter. Therefore I am very lucky to be able to see him so close and clear. I am extremely happy that I can see him so close throughout the whole night. Most importantly, he remembered me~

Another him was the temple event director. Another powerful person as he is the 命理法师 - fortune numerology master. He was as cool as CZW and I saw him a couple of times else where but he never caught my attention until today.

This Wang master was so cool, he stopped the Getai show halfway and went up stage to share with the audiences about fortune numerology craps. The way he talked was like so old man and so it doesn't fit his image. Only his humourous fits his image.

Most of the times he was at the counter in front of me so I can see him walking up and down busying away. I think he will remembered me because he will since he is a good friend of CZW. When I got the chance I would go and have my fortune read. Oh yeah~ Hope to see him again next tuesday and then next year.

On my way back I saw CZW cool car but due to the poor lighting and crowded, I couldn't take a picture of his car. Such a pity and I will try my best to snap it nice and perfect (plus fast in case he caught me doing this silly thing) next tuesday. Jia you!

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