Saturday, February 28, 2009

Join EmailCashPro!

Heyyo people, I am so proud of my EmailCashPro account as it keeps on growing - meaning more and more people join ECP under my referral. This statistics is as on 28Feb2008. Very soon, I believe I am able to reach the target of 100 direct referrals; level 1. Currently only achieve 82 referrals and 10 more to go! After that I hope I am able to earn straight $10 every month. Jia you!

This is really not a scam because I was paid before. Above picture is the evidence. That is my first cheque of $10 that I received from ECP a few months ago. At that time, immediately when I accumulated $10, I quickly withdrawed it to see if ECP pays. Indeed it had proved that it pays.

Want to know my strategies?
My strategies were very simple, easy and effortless. All I do was to post the referral banner at my personal blog and blogshop. I promote it whenever I had the opportunites.

After that I had to wait for people who are very interested to join. Other than that, you will also have to read the advertisment paid emails that they send to increase the points. Lastly you will just have to wait for the points to be converted each month. When you reached $10, you can proceed to withdraw your money to witness the truth. :)

At first it will be a bit hard to build a strong base to earn more. Only when you achieve 20 direct referrals; level 1, then will you be able to be a gold member - meaning you will be able to enjoy 5% overriding commission. Which mean you will be earn 5% more than a member.

Sound appealing isn't it?

Therefore what are you waiting for? Do join as soon as possible and earn as much as you can. Simply click on the banner to join!

Or click on the link below. :)

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