Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rushing day~

I had FYP at 10am at Woodlands regional library. As usual I am the one who reached first. FYP had gave me a lot of challenges and fun overcoming the obstacles. One of the challenges was getting my feet to school. My school was like so fast and I hate it when my facilitator wanted us to meet at the library. It was like so far from the bus stop. Woodlands was a much more nicer place and I love it there now! :)

Until today we already had around 9 meetings and I think it was a lot. 4-5 meetings with facilitator and the rest is our own gathering. HAHHAHA~ Not too much after all. Facilitator was leaving for her long March vacation and so she wanted us to be fast and settled everything before you go on her holiday. She was good but I think she hide a knife in her smile. XD

After that I was been forced to reach home as soon as possible by my Mum. My renter was moving out today and Mum said that they are moving their things at the moment and there was no one at home to keep check of them. When I reached home, my renter was sleeping~ =.= A false alarm.

Rest for a while and headed to tutoring. This time round my student was not so blur anymore. Last week I guess she shy and so she one ear listen and the other ear out. This time round she was more manageable but still can't sit still in her chair. Tie her up next time? Kidding~

There was a heavy rainpour when I was getting to my student house. Due to the rain, the water disturbed the bus door sensor and caused bus 15 and bus 87 unable to close the door. Luckily the bus 87 I am taking settle the door realy fast. Then further down the road, there was a big flood and many cars and buses panic when crossing the flood.

If the vehicle was not fast enough to zoom pass the flood, the vehicle engine might get damaged by the water. Luckily my bus was alright. Before that SBS headquarter did walkie talkie the driver and told him about it therefore the driver was well prepared to zoom past. Since it was high speed, I can see mini tsunami at the side of the bus as well as other vehicles. On the other side of the road, I can also see some car cannot make it.

Not long after, police cars and fire/water engine reached the scence to save the situation. My tutoring last for 1.5hr and only then the police and waterfighter were preparing to leave.

Today was really the worst rain that I have ever met when I need to go out. Normally I would at home dancing to the rain. AHAHHAH~ It was so worst until I saw many red ant nest dropped onto the floor.

One ridiculous thing I saw when I was going home after tutoring at the bus stop, a cat licking its paws at the bridge under-roof. Its head touching the roof already! How it get there anyway?

We exchange awkward eye contact and smile at each other and I walked away. . hhahhahah~ It was really feeling embarassed when I gave him a " WHY ARE YOU AT SUCH A HIGH PLACE?" look. hhahha~

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