Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot Sun, Cool fan.

Today went to Mega Court with Mum for the first time. We went there to buy a fan because mine broke down.

I fall in love with the home audio system there. They played nice music to display the excellent performace of the system. I like it when the bass was loud and how it make my heart beat with the rhythm.

In future when I own a house of my own, I would an excellent home audio system and put my favourite music in my enclosed house. The bass will be loud and clear and flow around the house. Only then I will be able to fully enjoy the quality music carefully.

I find that the service there was very bad, especially those youngsters working there.

We went to the fan section and wanted to look for someone to help us. There was no people there to help us, therefore we grab a middle age lady from other section to help us. We thought we will be able to receive a little help from her but no, she knew nothing, she don't even know how to on the fan! -.- She only knew that the people in charge of the section went for lunch. -.- Somemore she knew that she was of no help, she quietly and quickly disappear away without saying: "Sorry, unable to help!".

After that we went to browse at other section and returned to find 2 person, two chinese youngsters, a male and a female at the fan section. We went to aproached them but we need to wait. We need to wait BECAUSE they were happily chatting and laughing among themselves. We were very close to them and staring at them and waiting for them to end their conversation to help us. They gigi gaga haha hoho for like 5 minutes before one of them notice us and helped us. Poor service!

I asked which fan was good and he pointed one to me and explain briefly about it only. Briefly because he can't wait to go back and chat with his colleague. He handed us the product and went off as quick as he can after directing where is the counter. He just random point the counter and walked away and we was like WHERE? WHERE? WHERE LAH?

I was like YOU BETTER WATCH OUT! They didn't know that I would go the extra mile to write a detailed complain letter.

They are not as if been working for very long hours and need to rest and chat with someone. They just came back for lunch only which mean just came back from adequate resting and yet they still want to rest more. -.-

I also know that they are only working there temporary and so they don't have a sense of belonging to the company and also the pay they get was bloody little or maybe they put in the amount of work that you are paid for, but yet the service they provide cannot be so so so bad. At least replied properly, talked properly, don't rush your service.

Somemore you don't get to serve customer like all day long. Maybe like only average of 1-3 person an hour. Therefore can't you just treasure the little time and serve properly? Some think that serving fully where paid so little is like so not in trend. But if you serve properly and receive compliments would make you feel a bit happily while working.

The lady and the two youngsters totally ruined Mega Court reputation. Customer will rather read the features of the product from the box rather looking for people to serve them.

Human are so realistic one, 9 out of 10 people feel very happy after receiving compliments. I also think that nowsdays youngsters are too proud of themselves and completely have no respect for elderly and others. In KOREA, everything would be opposite!

I seriously hate poor services but I am giving them a chance before I decide to lodge complaint to the company only on the involved people.

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