Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Seung ri featuring GD - Strong Baby Remix.

27 Feb 2009 - Strong baby ft. GD remix at KBS Music Bank

Chameleon styled GD?! Once again, he is trying out new things to create new trends. I love his ponytail hairstyle. This style make me feels like he is a pro rapper. Seung ri performance was extremely hot~

28 Feb 2009 - Strong baby ft. GD remix at MBC Music Core

Retro pinky styled GD?! A hot pink coat with very retro hairstyle. I had not recovered the shock from the last performance and yet another shock came on the next day performance. All I can say is I got a shocking surprise. But anyway his rap is awesome as usual and I love him still.

1 March 2009 - Strong baby ft. GD remix at SBS Inkigayo

Casino styled GD?! This time round, I love the coat with lots of bling bling. Still so exaggerate as usual. As for his hairstyle...(-.-|||), trying out new hairstyle again. It is so retro, flat and shiny. Mmmmmm~ What will his style be next time? More and more crazy and exaggerate style??? Hehehe~ I am definitely looking forward to more surprise from him.
Last time he used to have a large collection of hats. Now I think he must be having a lot of fanciful coats and sunglasses.
All this however cause me to be in love with him more.

GD solo album is coming very very soon! Can't wait for it to come out right now!

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