Monday, March 02, 2009

Touring around RED DOT.

Today had FYP meeting at RP library. I reached very early because I mistaken the time. I thought it was 9.30am but actually it was 10am. I took bus with Jia lan and saw Wei ling at library. Then I went to surf net at the internet kiosk and not long after Ainah and Shila reached.

When everyone reached, we start our meeting and today meeting was doing great as usual. After that I went to meet Wan ning as she came to visit our school. I was very guilty that I told her to drop down at the first stop of 169. In fact it should be the second stop because due to that no one alight at that first stop and so I forgottn clearly about the presence of that stop. I caused Wan ning to walk a short distance toward the school whereby she do not need to walk so long if she alight at he correct stop.

After that we went to have lunch at W4 and then we started to browse around the school. We went to a lot of places and one of them was somewhere that not much people know about it. I know it only a few weeks ago. There was a haunted forest near RP. It was located at the far end of the school which is near the Sakura restaurant.

It was daylight and yet the place look a bit ulu. When someday I and my group of best friends are free, I will plan an outing together into the forest during daylight of course. There was also a big scary river linking into the forest and that river or in fact drain look big and filled with dirty muddy rusty water. I said that it was haunted because of this:

I will upload the picture of the place in daylight latest by next tuesday.

After that we went back to Tampines to shop around and we ended the day with a "PERFECT plus signature".

I am super happy that Wan ning will be coming again to RP to have lunch with me next Monday. Yeah~ no more lonely lunch! :)

Oh yeah~ It is going to rain soon again.... Once again, thick dark clouds invaded my rooftop again.

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