Monday, March 22, 2010


I hate to have nothing to do.
In a few attempts, I sucessfully had something to do.
Like as if they read my mind that I need something to do.
I am also quite amazed at my ability to locate a place in a big building with a brief description given and no other people help. I am super amazed that I did it for a couple of times.
I am quite addicted to my job!

I have been thinking what my colleague say.
We make friends based on the person personality and character or the person background?
I thinked very long, I truthfully won't discriminate people who have background like prostitute, sex change, lesbian, gay, races, height.
As long as I am able to communicate well and feel comfortable talking to the person, I would make good friends with the person.
I was inspired by my colleague as she said that; no one is perfect.
It is very mean that someone point out another person flaw and make fun of it. Seriously, it is not funny, it is offending and hurting.
Stop discriminating people or people will start discriminating YOU!

You see, almost everyday, I learn some life lessons from the seniors. I love talking to them so much!
Now I also get to understand what is job satisfaction which is my first time. This is also the first time I no longer had Monday blues~

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