Friday, March 19, 2010


I seriously hate rude people. I looked like I don't care, but actually I do care! Just that I have high EQ, I know it is rude to make you lose face in front of others even if you are doing it to me. You probably never think about the thing called karma before your actions. What comes around goes around back to YOU! On top of that, you will be cursed by me.

I tried so hard and spent so much time to forget my flaw and yet this kind of people once again enter into my life. I bring happiness to others and yet I got dissappointed and sadness in return. It is considered lucky that it is just short term and I don't have colleagues like her. Anyway, there is nothing she should be happy about her life. I don't see any things in her that can keep her happy for lifetime.

TTSH colleagues are still the best people of my life. Come to talk about TTSH, during this 2 weeks, I seriously learnt alot. Not only work, but also about life. The seniors and mentors seriously shared a lot about their life experience with the younger generation. It is so much better than talking to those immature and irresponsible youngsters out there. For now, this is the best job I ever had as compared to my previous few jobs. I am looking forward to everyday life challenges.

I seriously miss watching grand opera!

I miss watching huan zhu ge ge! I want to collect all the show, where to buy???

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