Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wish for snowing now amd here.

1. She really can complete with me for the strong passion for purple. OH MY GOD! Maybe I should be like her? Purple for everything and so I will be lucky 24/7. HAHAH!
2. Finally life is getting better and happier, I thought my happiness kept on decelerating. Seems like it is accelerating furiously now. GOOD!
3. I am touched by what she said. Her attitude and personality was very cool too. I will really treasure her and worship her.
4. Time really files when one is working, but it was still too slow to reach July.
5. I am still missing the night sky with shiny sparkling white stars with a big shiny round moon smiling at me.
6. I am loving five spices biscuits. The spicyness and aromatic of the biscuits make me smile.

I know this is a very long ago song but each time I listen to them, many beautiful memories refresh into my mind.

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