Saturday, May 22, 2010

Be on my own is the most happiest thing in life.

So many things and thoughts:
1. My dearest buddy left. I felt so super sad being alone in the stuffy small smelly room. I am thinking how can I make it smell nice 24/7 despite the door kept opening and closing non-stop.
2. I hope P.C. can stop flaring his tempers onto everyone and this apply to all other people who gets to interact with me.
3. I hope her smell will go away. Maybe I should have a nice chat with her about it, hope she will appreciate my courage~ HAHAHHA!
4. May my promotion come soon as I need money for my studies and life. My income is seriously running low low low.
5. Sometimes I wish I can help out with the management. HEHEHHE~
6. I am so in love with helping people, talking nicely with them and making them smile brightly. That is the joy of life.

1. I am into baking mood again after I seen someone blog, she faced the same baking problems as me; cracking top, too sweet and craps. I wonder why~ I wonder how~ I do love to solve and improve on my baking skills since now I believe that all recipes are faker. HAHAHAH!
2. After working and walking past pastries shop, how I wish I have such business. A baking service business. How I wish I can supervise my workers, allocating workers to different tasks, planning their roster and ensure most efficient workflow. Of course it is not so simple but I am well prepared for a business setting working environment. I am so excited for that big day to come. :D
3. I am having urge to buy iphone to play game and go online as and where I like.
4. Due to the green tea fragance gel in my workplace toilet, I am thinking about toilet when I am drinking green tea drink and it smell terrible.
5. I want to decorate everywhere with color therapy.
6. Someone confessed to me about his terrible childhood and I kind of can't imagine that he got such a sad childhood cause he don't look like one with such a sad childhood.

1. I am accepted by GlobalSIM-UOL. Oh yeah~ Finally I get to study. I am still thinking will I take this studies for granted just like in polytechnic, secondary sch or primary school. Those days, I study for the sake of getting a certificate. I want to study for my future sake and also for passion. Can I?
2. When school starts, I am going to juggle with work and studies. The most appreciative thing that I wish would happen is never to see familiar faces in the school.

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