Sunday, May 16, 2010

RWS don't know how much is the admission fees.

Once again, I followed my Mummy to tour around Singapore with her group of friends, along with the community centre. WHAT A SENTENCE! I enjoyed big groups travelling together on a big coach bus. It feels so like a big joyful family since my family is small like pathetic. Therefore having friends is the most enjoyable things in life, but of course the friends must be outgoing and adventurous.

Well, what I want to say is, one of the place we went is the Resort World. That is my very first time there. At first, I thought it would be normal and not as interesting as I thought. But after I saw the map, I realised it was so exciting inside, with the mysterious ancient egypt and fake dinosaur or just its habitat. I am only interested and in two and nothing else. HAHAH!

Once in a lifetime I must explore inside. I am so going to go in and walk walk with my family and friends. :D

If only they include harry potter, cinderella castle and might as well include all the fairytale and fantasy things in it. HAHAH!


Once again, the human make the same error again! I totally hate it when people take my kindness, friendliness, my easy going attitude for granted. I can only take certain things to a limited extent. In my heart, I may not like what you are saying and I can display you a heck care expression so as not to make a big fuss out of a small matter. It is also to maintain the friendship that I treasure and also to show respect to your views. But when you went in deeper and talk about things that goes too vulgar, I will stop you and bear with you for a while. But if you continue and questioned me why and barge in, I can tell you, my trust for you is totally gone. Once the trust is gone, it is impossible to rebuild the trust. Even if it is possible, I would remember your action forever! I will bring it to my grave.

Another thing is, when you have nothing to say to me, why do you still want to be best friends with me? If you don't even bothered to bond with me, then how am I going to move on with you? Why must I always be the one to open a topic when you yourself have a brain too? Further more, you are the one who want to talk to me, not me! BOO!

I find it super offending for anyone to open sex as a conversation topic. It gets worst when it was popped out from a not so close friend and especially the friend is a guy. There are so many interesting topics out there and why must you choose such an sensitive and disrespectful topic? You might think it is a natural topic, but I don't think everyone feels that it a healthy topic to openly talk about with any people.

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