Thursday, June 03, 2010

I bear until I can't take it anymore.

Today was a harsh day for me. First in the morning, I was asked to help out at the booth at the korean forum. All the booth have more than 2 helpers and I am tending it alone. Further more I am still a newblie and I don't know why they got the courage to put me ALONE there. Everyone were like asking me, 'your nurses have come?', and I have to help saying that they were busy and will be coming down soon. Luckily everyone were so helpful to help me out. This is still considered small case to me and I spend most of my energy on brainstorming how to approach and introduce the clinic to them. I dislike doing this but won't mind doing it.

Then after that I finally can return back to clinic but not long after, I need go out again to do medical checkup and collect uniform and went HR to submit document. Lots of energy spent here too to walk around the whole hospital. Drawing blood suck my energy off too.

Then later part of the day, I finally returned back to clinic and got called off to help out at the support group opening ceremony. I was asked to be usher whereby I totally had 0% experienced in it. I thought I can do the job went and looking forward to face the challenge and who knows, everything went wrong. I think we have our own TTSH event coordinator but I think he got something on and bring in a stupid low eq coordinator. A leader should know how to carry out the most efficient workflow. For him is go his own way and it is not as if his plan is perfect, his plan have loopholes and yet he still stick to his whole plan.

For me and all other managers is totally very stress and fed up. Originally, there supposed to have 2 usher and they suddenly reduce to 1 usher which is me because they say that if there were 2 usher, one of them would have nothing to do. And then he start stacking up work for me, demanding this and that, and the big thing I hate is when he kept changing his plan. Just when I am trying to absorb, he changed again, how you expect me to absorb. Then he had to keep asking everyone to rehearse again and again because the usher is a big problem and make me walk here, run there and everywhere like a fool. I am so fed up with it and I bear with him so long with a smile and clarifying again and again until I totally can't take in his very unclear instruction. My colleagues know that I am suffering and asked me can I managed a not and I can't take it and burst.

Even though everything is over now but I would always remember this kind of person by heart and will never forget how I suffered under his hand. I put in my best effort already and I don't regret for what I had done! TO THE HELL, STUPID COORDINATOR!

Lastly I am very thankful for motherly SR, PK and SS for dealing with me when I burst and pulling me away from the deadly scene, ST and the management for dealing with the coordinator, LPY + MLN + CR for consoleing me too. Thanks a lot ladies, your efforts are greatly appreciated~ :D

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