Monday, June 28, 2010

Just be a kid.

Why are adults not as happy as children?
I find this resources very inspiring.

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These are some of the many reasons that make children really happy (at least when they are playing):

- They live consciously: I didn't find a kid worrying about the long school day he will go through the next week nor i found a kid obsessed about the last horrible school day he had. In short, in most cases we never feel happy because we either live in the past or in the future but never in the moment.
(Ya lor, I find this very true, I always think about what I did negative earlier on or even a few days ago even though I know that they can't be undone. Things that can't be undone, it is really pointless to think too much about it. What we can do is learn from it and smile that we actually make such a mistake to realise that it is a mistake.)

- They love what they do: A small car arrived and a little kid came out of the car, said goodbye to her mom and ran very quickly towards the place she was going to play at. The little girl didn't drag her feet or think that she might become bored because she was very excited. Most of us aren't happy because we do things that we hate, do you like your job? do you like your studies? do you have false beliefs that makes you believe that you are trapped in a certain reality that couldn't be changed? if you want to be really happy then you must do what you love or at least include lots of it in your daily schedule.
(Do things for a passion. That's it, you are playing instead of working. This reminds me of my dreaming about my personal business.)

- They believe that everything is possible: Again i didn't find a little kid at that age feeling bad because of expecting that something that he wants would never happen. Compare this to your way of thinking and to how you developed hundreds of false beliefs about the future that resulted in loss of hope and depression. Depression can be nothing more than loss of hope towards getting something that you really wanted.
(Till today, I always believe that fairytales are true and it really exists. I am so going to tell my future generation that.)

- They have passion for what they do: Did you try to talk to a small kid while he is playing? in many times he might not even notice you because he is deeply involved in what he is doing. Again compare this to yourself, how many boring tasks do you do believing that this is how life should be?? If you want to be really happy then you must do the things that you have passion for. (Passionate and concentration blocked you out from the reality world. The world is beautiful actually. Maybe to me only.)

If you want to be really happy then you must get out of the prison of false beliefs so that your mind becomes open to new possibilities. Once you will start having hope you will start being happy.

One final thing, watch little kids playing and you will learn a lot about happiness.

Learn happiness from the happiest living beings, children.


This motivational too.

Do you know how you can become really happy?

You will become truly happy when happiness becomes a priority.
When you move from one town to another because you believe that you will be happier there.
When you quit your job and search for another because you don't want to live a stressful life.
When your decisions and choices become affected by your need to become happy.

A friend of mine wants to be happy but he works for one complete month on a rig and arrives back for a 2 day vacation after that month.

When i ask him how can he handle his job he tells me that he hates it and that he wants to be happy.

When i ask him why don't he look for another one he tells me that the pay is very high and that he wants that amount of monthly income.

my response is usually "You want money, not happiness so don't complain about being sad"

Its all about making happiness a priority.

(This is so true. People always think that they will be happy with the choices they made. But to analyse your feeling and thoughts carefully, your top most priority is something else and not happiness.

Many a time, I realised a lot of people don't know what is happiness or they don't know what makes them happy. They always think that their wants is a need in their life.

I wonder do you know yours? By the way, I know mine and there is still a lot for me to learn what is happiness all about. :D )

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