Thursday, June 17, 2010

Name is nothing.

I can't believe a designation can make someone so uptight.
It is like, external matters more than internal.
I think that it is more important that we are qualified to be what we are called.

School is starting soon and adults kept bring stories saying that it is hard to manage between work and studies. At first, I am full of confidence that I am able to manage well and be very organised. But there are so many demoralised stories, I am thinking that, it is that difficult??? I guess they must be refering to those courses that have project work and required lots of teamwork. I have thought through very carefully, teamwork is the thing that will stress me out because I need to put on a mask to please everyone in the team. But without teamwork, energy won't be drained out so fast and easily, so by right, everything should be within my control. I hope I am to manage between work and studies well and prove to people whom think that it is so difficult that everyone should avoid choosing such option. Tell me, really is it so difficult or people are looking down on me?

I missed my girls. I totally neglected them physically. But I always had them in my mind 24/7. We should gather soon!

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