Friday, July 16, 2010

First day of school.

First day at a different place with a completely different feeling. The school is not as luxurious as RP but still no more PBL is the most happy thing on earth.

Lot of students smoking everywhere, hanging around to hook people. The theatre is so big, everyone is sitting so far apart so I can't even make a single friend. But anyway, this way is better because I can concentrate on the lesson and prevent smiling to my new friend or having new friends start bugging me if I understand.

First day of class, the most important solving simulataneous equations, location of y and x on a graph, and other mathematical formula, I totally forgotten them all. HAHHAH! There is still more to come. More differentiation, more functions or log or whatsoever. All the additional mathematics terms start coming today the subject. Time to flip my secondary textbook and start studying.

All the best to me.

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