Tuesday, July 27, 2010


To my and yours surprise, I take my work very very very seriously. I had never been so serious in my studies or examinations before.
I can't be bothered to call ITD helpdesk about my frozen account.
I wish tomorrow Nurses' Day a big success with the game cards we made.
I don't know why I always OT on tuesday with an extra 1 hour.
Which means I am able to use them to claim for school.
I commented JCHEN that she looked like a princess because of her white lacey dress today.
I don't know what is truly on hers, hers, his, his, everyone mind.
Everyone hate to go BTB. To tell you the truth, I love to go BTB. I love to see MO got scolded or bullied by the bullies. HAHHAH!
But I hate BTB in the clinic even though I think I am able to cope MedOnco well provided with a translator help. Thanks MM.
Not that I am trying to be direspectful, but sometimes the stink is too overbearing.
I will make LSY the most fastest learner. HAHHAHAH!

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