Friday, July 09, 2010

Hectic weeks.

Life is really hectic this week. Being solo in room almost everyday is really crazy.
On Monday, all the MOs were new, meaning had to retrain them, meaning they are quite slow. One don't speak chinese and the other are not very good in chinese, meaning I had to stop my work and do translating! They really know how to eat my time up.
On Tuesday, the super meeting is not as bad I thought afterall. Everything went on quite well and hope future 7 more times would remains the same. Back to centre, I was so happy that there were no one on the waiting list for MedOnco. But after that came a time waster just because of some small issues that can be completely nothing to do with the MedOnco.
On Wednesday, my first time solo for Snr Reg. My very first most embarassing mistake for that day, either is I gave the wrong folder or I called the wrong person. I don't what is wrong with me, might be still day dreaming away.
On Thursday, there is only one pathetic person on the waiting list for Grandfather. In the afternoon is the worst because I had to be translator again. Almost all my subjects in O Level, my language were the most worst subjects, be it English or Chinese. But anyway, I am very good at anyhow translate but of course the meaning don't differ much. HHAHAH! This Reg is seriously very funny. His thinking is fun of jokes.

Reg: How many waiting?
Me: 5
After seeing about 3 person which takes about 20 minutes later.
Reg: How many waiting?
Me: 5
Reg: I rushed so fast, how come it is still at 5???
Me: More came of course! =.=
When he was doing e-notes in the most anxious speed for the last person.
Reg: How many waiting?
Me: The one you are typing is the last.
Reg: Oh is it, oh, then I rush so fast (for the current person) for what?

Another incident cracked my twin up! LOL!
Reg: Can give 2 year appointment?
Me: I think can't for here.
Reg: I think can cause the Aurora can put 24months.
Me: Are you sure? I don't think can 2 years.
Reg: Can one lah! You see Aurora can put.
Me: Ok lor, I bet the counter staff will come in and looked for you.
Twin: You can't give 2 years. Case will close.
Me: See! I told you so. -_= HAHAHA!
Reg: But the Aurora can put 24 months. Blah~ Blah~... (Then he kept thinking of other silly methods to make 2 years appointment.)

He is the joke of the day. HAHAHHAH!

On Friday which is today. I just assisted one BSS case, attended my most hated meeting and do all the rough jobs in the morning. In the afternoon, I am stealing my colleague job to sit in my comfort zone and realised lots of hiccups and mistakes balance brought down to me which I had to busy settling all of them. Of course, I am smart enough to get the free people to assist me. Just before I left, I discovered the darkest dirtiest secret left by the person who is sitting in the dungeon for the past four days. I want to see how she will be settled for this big irresponsible problem. She seriousy dissappointed me and all her preceptors.

Next week, luckily I have an assistant which my TWIN!!! I hope I don't disgrace myself in front of her by making silly mistakes or neglect her presence when I got too engrossed in my work. HAHAHHAHAH! Next week I am starting on the fastest consultant and it is lucky that I got an assistant. I just had fear for FNAC. Now I no longer had fear on what to do for USGB, thru-cut and exision.

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