Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Telling me to put a hand there, I might as well do everything myself.
Since doing such a simple, minor and small thing can anger you so much, thinking back of my polytechnic life, we were fighting for equal teamwork and blaming those for contributing less.
I took a bus journey to calm myself down and think through about it.
The world especially the competitive working world is full of ugly people.
This ugly really make me feel like controlling them and stuff them with guiltness.
Since I have a very generous and kind heart, I will just swallow my 'so called mistakes', forgive, forget and make improvements to prevent someone from stressing over a small dot de matter.
Thinking about it, I must really kowtow to her, small things can actually offended her so much. But what to do, her tolerance level is just so... just so low. I must give in to her and at the same time pity her for having such involuntary behaviour.
To conclude, big heart makes me goes a long way.
Now it is really very hard to find someone with a kind and generous heart.
Luckily my parents heart are not as cramp as yours.
By the way, those acts were too immature for me to digest properly, too cowardly for me to use my energy to think.
You dare to tell a third party to tell me, you don't dare to tell me directly. Deepavali2ASisterColleagues, ColleaguesShoe, and not ME. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR COURAGE? Used finish? I bet so. And jolly hell that third party goes with the flow. OMG, why have the rightful wisdom gone to? TELL ME IN THE FACE IDIOT!

Another thing. I really hate people shouting at me. I never shout at you, who are you to shout at me. Shout at me somemore, I make sure you recieve my deadly shout too. I can be very explosive if you trigger me to be. Don't you ever think of climbing onto my head, your will fell a deadly death.

She say put work first.
I am sorry.
1st - happiness
2nd - studies
3rd - partner
4th - passion in work
5th - money
In fact, I always put 1st, 2nd, 3rd as happiness. I come first before other things.

My classes are starting soon. I am definetely looking forward to independent studies. WWWuuuu~ :D

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