Monday, August 09, 2010

Cultural shock-kated.

National day celebration ended with massive and creative stars and moons fireworks. The city night lightings were so beautiful that I am so going to book one of the best hotel rooms there in future. That is not my main focus, my very main focus every year is on the main commander and the marching pass. I love how those navy, saf, spf... wear so smartly and marched so neatly and professionally. I love those that wore all white and feel so sparkling clean and pure!

From tomorrow onwards till one month later, everyone should behave properly with respect. I read an article just now, it stated that as technlogies and thinkings advanced, younger generation takes everything lightly and for granted until things happened do they realised that they can prevent things from happening. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

It could be a hell month for others, but I could enjoy myself to the fullest for this month. There will be lots of Getaisss, lots of Wayangsss, lots of Gods events (even though I don't pray to Gods) but I find those happenings cultural-rich. I am going to absorb myself in this cultural-rich month and make it richer.

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