Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cast A Spell.


Past 3 days, I had all my Term 2 classes. I love the big class size in the big lecturer hall. I love all the modules because finally they sound familiar to me better than econs. I really need to buck up on econs. After PBL, I learnt how to treasure lectures. IBM is a subject I am looking forward to help me establish my business. I hope something it in help because the lecture not only mention big organisations but small organisations too. Not only that, he did mention formal and informal organisations. I guess mine will fall under small informal organisations. He did mention provision shop too. OH, this is a great sign. I realised that they loves to use hospital as an example. One of them is a Doctor so I can understand but IBM lecture is also coming up with lots of hospital organisation examples. The lecturers sure are very knowledgeable. One of the lecturer even says that, in the real world, the employers refrain from hiring nerds, which means student who gets 100 marks for examinations those kind. Therefore my conclusion is if you gets high grade for examinations, then you better do excellent in your job interview. Since you are a top grader, then the company expect high standards from you. OMG, that is too stress for me to take it.

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