Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today was a NICE day~

1. I learnt how to transfer patient.
2. I learnt how to wear PPE for outbreak.
3. I seriously love the interior layout mapping of Clinic 4A from counter to room to waiting area. The design is efficient-friendly. In turn, I feel so dissappointed with the person who designed our clinic.

4. I love my Propel coursemates.
5. I found my partner for my F&B enterprise and we share similar dreams. I am going to grab tight to her.
6. I am well-armored for my test. I managed to rush out my notes for test and manage to make good use of it during test. I don't know what will happened during the major examinations when I don't have notes to refer to. RP never trained us to memorise but to apply and I seriously think all examinations should be like this.

7. I found a lot of strategies to speed up and organised my knowledge as well as understandings.
8. I am so happy that my favourite Christmas is drawing near and I am extremely happy that lot of doctors are on leave. Oh please, clear as much as you all can. Thanks!
9. I am happy to be on FOC course in TTS for the beneficial of my future enterprise. Seriously, this is money-saving for the way to productive-efficient.

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