Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today is my birthday!
Thanks for all the thoughtful wishes from my fellow besties and friends~

On 27 December 2010, I am still very upset over the great birthday surprises that I gave out but I got none back. Why is it like that? Why am I not treasured by others? Have I been too naive to place an importance in other people birthday and in the end no one actually cares about birthday. Everybody have a crowded birthday celebration and mine is so lonely, quiet and sad. The money I shared with colleagues to celebrate fellow colleague brithday, the happiness I showed to make the birthday person feel loved, the effort I spent to inform others of whose birthday is it next and in the end, only 3 colleagues managed to wish me and the rest totally forget clean about it. On my bday, I am sick, I even fantasized that tomorrow when I returned to work, someone or a group of them would have shared money to get me a real nice present. From now on, I do not want to alert anyone about other people birthday and gave happiness to those that won't bothered to treasure and remember.

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