Saturday, January 01, 2011

On Christmas day (25th Dec 2010) is 80th anniversary soka gakkai celebration.

On this Christmas Day, I was at Indoor Stadium with my religion members. I wish to attend some music concert cause the sound system is so excellent. The performances that day was great. It was worth the effort that the performancers put in. Great job! :D

The tickets to enter.

The green patch of cheer leaders for the day. They are super hyper and active.

This would be make to good use for idol concerts. I want to attend one of those Korean idol one.

The surrounding.

The rather plain and simple stage.
Jeff wang jian fu was one of the host that day. He came back to from Taiwan to attend this big event. There are 4 hosts. 2 others are from radio fm 100.3. They kept promoting their radio station. HAHAHHA!

Please just look at the music orchestra band. The conductor had not entered this picture yet. Even if he did, it is hard to focus the camera on him. He is damn handsome and charismatic can!!!

I didn't mean to capture that man and I am lazy to edit him away. :D

The green ambassadors on screen.

The hosts.

One of the performances.

I love the gold lightings on top. They brighten the ambassadors.

This is one of the performances. I love the orange glow on the stage.

The stage lightings are pretty.

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