Monday, January 10, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Yesterday I went to Universal Studio Singapore with Yun, Qian & Hong. We reached early so as ensure that we have enough time to play almost everything in USS, and we did! $72 include free entry to everywhere ($62) and $5 food voucher and $5 retail voucher. Overall I think it is 80% worth it. I would definetely go back there again if they allow night entry to the whole USS so I can take nice night shots provided there are very little people as well.

Ancient Egypt
The surrounding was very atmospheric like as if I was in the Ancient Egypt as shown in the TV. As we entered, it was filled with music of Ancient Egypt and Egypt god status and artifacts. You have to be there to feel it yourself. I really love the place because in the first place, I loved how mysterious Egypt culture was.

The tall man attempt to grab my face when we want to take photo with him. HOW DARE HE!

First point, we went for the Revenge of the Mummy ride. This ride was really very thrilling until now, I still have the swirling effect memory caused by the ride. The feeling was like been thrown into the washing machine and spin in random movements. I like the part where the don't what kind of errie holy status jump up and the fire started roaring with a few sprinkles of water. I expected more of those scaring than been on a psychological washing machine. The kind of psychological feel was like you jump down a building in high speed and you will also have the feeling of dropping out of your seat. The thrilling part was it goes backward, upwards and downwards or come to a sudden brake very suddenly all in incredible speed in total darkness. Words really can't describe how the thrill feeling is. I also like the part when it moves suddenly in incredible speed and at the same time a door was closing on top of us. And the best part was we are sitting at the back row. I totally like this feeling of sense of urgency and speed. After the first ride, I became jelly. The sad point was that the ride was super short until we couldn't get enough of it so of course we went for a second time.

The Lost World
The surrouding was jungle like but I don't really like the tree and nature cause it kind of feel dirty with the faeces infested soil and animals bring the germs onto the tree and so on. Eeeewww~ I prefer the sandy dry Egypt.
The second ride, we went Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Ride. We queued very long for it. This will get wet or possibly soaked so we had to prepared ponchos. The most unluckiest part was that at the last point of the ride, my whole face along with some of my fringe got soaked wet. It was like as if I just washed my face. If I don't wear ponchos, I would be soaked wet from top to toe. The water must be damn dirty and luckily I didn't get affected by pimples.

The ride was not thrilling at all except for the raft kept turning and turning the whole journey and suddenly entered a dark tunnel with fierce dinosaur roaring loudly and then lifted up 1 metre and then being slide down and the end. I think their tunnel should be decorated in a very crowded forest with fierce and bloody mouth dinosaur faces like 1 metre above head. Lots of tree roots dangling above us. That would be more adventurous. And the sound could be more louder and more than one dinosaur roaring to have an effect than there are many dinosaur around. Plus maybe there can be more water dripping off from the top because some people were not wet at all. Humph!

Only dinosaur can't smoke. Human can. LOL!

After that we went to buy Chicken wrap for our lunch with our $5 food voucher. We had our lunch while queuing for our third ride; the Canopy Flyer. I thought this ride was supposed to be a relaxing ride to see the nice view of The Lost World but it was too fast until I caught a blur view of only a few things. HAHHAHA!

Kids Dino-Soarin Ride.

Lastly we went to watch the Water World live show proudly brought by Singtel. They kept emphasizing Singtel.
I love the blue blue water. So nice.

See the front of the stage, those naughty stuntmans were playing water with the front audiences by spraying water onto them. They really made all the audiences so hyper and excited and in turn participative.

The decoration around were so rusty and greeny with many recycled second hand musculine materials. The show was indeed very death-defying stunts with lots of firing, explosions and shoutings.

Far Far Away
I love the fairytale surrouding. If I ever owned shop,I would decorate to those royale fairytale concept. I love the witch shop. It would be nice if all the shop are opened and decorated into a storyline. Like I saw the Goldilock shop and it was like a fast food shop. I think maybe they could make it into a house with a big, medium and small bed and others etc. They could make the whole streets full of fairytale houses and shops must be shops that are present in the past just like a real scene in the fairytale.
The potions in the Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop. So colorful and nice.

The Magic Potion Spin for kids. :D

Donkeyssssss with big mouth and teethssssss~

The lightings there are pretty, like as if in castle.

Bedtime fairy.

My favourite witchy shop.

Pretty. I want this in my home.

Donkey live show.

The fairy castle. If only I can go up. This is where we went for the Shrek 4-D Adventure. The show was really exciting. During the show, I feel really threatened when suddenly sometimes dangerous was pointing so near to me or when suddenly something almost hit me. And the most interesting and shocking part is when the donkey sneezed. I am not going to disclose what happened.

Before the show, we went to our fourth ride was the Enchanted Airways. I don't know where is the enchanted part. If only they could fly into a beautifully decorated fairytale tunnel with ribbony sprinkles, that would be so nice and more liked by the children.

He looked so cute!

Another view of the castle. I can't get enough of it.

I don't know what is this for. But I like the moon on the door.

This area is more like Hawaii and filled with wild animals. This area is rather small and limited. Our fifth ride is the Kind Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round. This is also be known as the Merry Go Round. This was super colorful and happiness-friendly. It reminds me of Korean drama and childhood time. Some wild animals are seriously super cute. HAHHA!

The wild animal merry go round.

New York
Stylo car!

First we went to the Lights, Camera, Action! show @ Monster Rock. The show performance was just like a rock concert with ghostly cosplay performances.

After which we went off to Stage 28. This was the most exciting and coolest part. It plays out the real scene that you can see on the TV or drama like thunderstorm windy scene, titanic ship sinking, etc. It almost feel so real and as if it was really happening.

The surrounding of the New York city was pretty, classy and homely. I love the clean street and the exterior architectures of houses and buildings.

I would love my shop to be like this. I could display my stuff through the window so people could stand outside appreciating my stuff and not feeling disturbed by the staff in shop. If they want to see more, they can enter. :D

I would like my house entrance to be this kind, I would decorate my stairs with pots of flower.

Sci-Fi City
The surrounding was like in the space with matrix music and space decoration.

We went for our sixth ride; Accelerator ride instead. It turned and turned until I went giddy but it was not that bad, it was quite fun instead. No photo for this. :S
 It was a pity that the Battlestar Galactica rides were closed and that explained why that area was so deserted like abandoned space town.

Then after that we walked another round around the USS to figure out how to spend our $5 retail voucher. I brought an Acient Egypt cat keychain. After that we went casual strolling and shopping.

The Treasure Hunters Ride that is only meant for kids.

 The king throne in the sovenior shop. Made of gold?
I had a special encounter with kim bum look alike in this shop. :D

Woah, tarot card, crystal ball~  This is the traditional psychic reading shop. They should made this come real!

This means I love the street lamp.

Last stop, we went shopping @ the Universal Studios Store.

 The blue sky turned out pretty nice.

 The globe @ night.

The candy tree outside candylicious shop. It was surely well decorted fully with candies. I love the super colorful candies, so yummy and so lovely.

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