Tuesday, March 08, 2011

For the sake of being a minimalist.

I seriously hate to be humiliated so many times. Once is perfectly alright but more than that is an habit. It is an bad habit. I feel pity for you instead of feeling hurt because I know how surface-minded is your perception.

By the way, what kind of skills is that? I don't even learn it in my literature. I don't see how that helps to improve my choice of actions. You must have forgotten that I am born with freedom of many choicesss? I guess you probably used up all your choices. Instead, I choose actions that made me happier and made you more miserable to balance off the theory of life. When you are giving yourself headaches and accumulating more angers, you will be gaining less at the end of the day. Sagittarius is not the type to be restricted by any forms. They fly and fled off.

However if I am not humilated, I might have be better, I might have overcome, I might have changed my values and challenged myself towards it. But however, things don't go that way, so my heart follow suit to where I find it favourable.

Well, in the first place I already don't understand why this area of people are capable to be put in the seat? They don't have any relevant skills, many only made things worst and life more miserable for themselves and the people around them.

Very soon, my mind will be feeling lighter. By then I shall see how much heavy loads I can unload off.

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