Monday, April 04, 2011

Go for less, Go for green, Go for light.

 Only duirng revision do I get to see full house.

Spicy and Chicken soup.

Tom yum and chicken.
Steamboating with Mei mei, Yun, Lim and Cheryl is seriously fun!

New laptop brought after getting valuable opinions and advices from Hong, Mumtaz, Qian, Ning and specially have to thanks Lim, Yun and Cheryl for the great help physically and mentally. I truly feel appreciated for every single contribution from each one of you. THANKS. :D

Ever since exam is drawing near, I had never posted a decent post yet. I will only be able to do that after my May examinations. Seriously busy to the max.

After my exam, I had to many things to do.
1. Return things back to their owners.
2. Donate unwanted readable to Library.
3. Tidy up my fully-packed-with-papers room.
4. Start on my get rid of 10 things per week project.
5. Start on minimalist lifestyle.

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