Friday, May 06, 2011

Future life.

2 more papers to go. Blogging is not easy when one is having high stress.
I love examinaton period. I love it during exam, I would stack all my tables with mountain of books and paper.

After cleaning, I would put up neat and clean photos. I am going to give it a good clean up. I really mean a good clean up, removing everything, donating/ recycling things I don't need to the needy, keep only things that I need. After which I would give the whole room a clean new smell. I am super looking forward to the day. AHHHHHHHHH! Excited since 3 months ago.

I love it too after exam. After one exam, I would dump all the books and papers that is related to that subject into my PAPER study box or on it. I just simply flunk it in or over until I think I almost damaged it. As you see below, the top got a bit dented cause I threw my books onto it with a good, reasonable amount of energy. LOL.

So now my room is less packed with lot of books and papers. After examination, I am going to start my 10 things challenge. I will try it going until I am happy with my room. If only I am the main owner of my house, I would start removing things all over the house cause my parents simply love to accumulate things for dust survival. ARGH!

I am really very worried for my examination, guess how I manage to build up my confidence level? With the picture you see below. This well is a lucky well in japan, if you personally go to the well, wish for the things you want, snap a picture and put it on your phone wallpaper and desktop wallpaper and you will get what you want. Even though I didn't go Japan but I print screen it. LOL! I put it in all my wallpaper for the blessing of passing my Economics paper and it really worked. My Economics I completed 3/4 of it and feel very satisfied yet a bit worried but as least it is not as bad as prelim. If in the end, I still fail then too bad, it is fate that I am not good at Economics. HAHAH!


You must be wondering am I not studying and watching shows. You are right, whenever during major exam, I would have strong craving to watch variety show. As exam are drawing nearer, I had been playing ċ†’é™İ王 show continously and playing restaurant city continously. During O level, I am playing maple while others are studying. During Polytechnic, I don't even need to study cause it is open book exam. All I need to do is organise my notes and thoughts.

Whenever working life gets tough, I would always day dream about my future. If I really want to have a hard working life, I rather have it in my own business. Cause the end result would make me feel very worthwhile for spending my time. Other than that, I would think I am quite wasting my time and effort doing things that is not within my passion and interest but for the sake of money. Hopefully currently, I had gained a good lot of experiences and high job satisfaction. WORTH IT!

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