Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rule #10 Explore: people and places. We’re not static creatures, our design is based on change, and growth, and awakening. Find people who inspire you to dig deeper.

Seriously most of the people who gone through a lot of history and long experiences always fake smile.
Smile for the sake of not getting conflict face to face but back to back.
I am quite disappointed with myself for doing the same too.
But no choice, what to do when I seriously had no experience on how to handle this kind situation.
I guess time will give me the best possible answer.
Who ask me to be the kind soul of everyone whom helped out others even though people stab me at the back and hurt me deeply.
I find that I can't bring myself to show my hatred in front of their face. I had hatred face phobia.

So many people who inspired me changed themselves and show their true color.
But it is alright, the old ones left, the new ones came and give me better and beautiful inspiration.
I love exploring into new things and keep the worthy ones by my side forever.

Anyway, life is really hectic sometimes. However we should try our best to avoid the unhappiness as much as possible as it increase the speed of aging.
I don't want all my body systems to lose their functions so fast.
I want to remain young even though I am old.
I guess I can only feel happy when my work is something I love to do.

For that crazy girl,
I am so happy that I see my name in that crazy girl space. I am so touched~
From crazy girl.

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