Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rule #9 Have the audacity to be content. It takes courage to be content with who you are and where you’re at right now.

Some people are never content at all.
Every minute every second, you are thinking what was done wrong instead of appreciating the goodness in every single happening.
I don't understand how would bringing unhappiness to others bring happiness to yourself?
In fact, you are accumulating more unhappiness to yourself because your level of expectations increase.
One day you will realise you will never be happy again because you are too busy creating unhappiness to others.
Sometimes looking at the big picture, I really need to sympathise you cause it is because we are competitors so you are overcomed with jealous hence decreased sense of security, feeling of belongingness.
It could also be you feel not accepted and not respected by others.
Thinking through, it sound really pathetic.
I am so not gonna be such kind of person, I bring happiness to others and increased my own happiness.
Even for people for people who bring unhappiness with others, I will still empathise you and bring you happiness to fill you life gaps.

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