Saturday, October 29, 2011

29 October 2011 - BCAM + HALLOWEEN.

Today was really a very eventful day. Afternoon was BCAM and night was Halloween @ cemetery.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011
Pretty pink daisies. This year ones are not so pink like last year. But still mood feel good when I see so many flowers.

This is what I had to do for this event; sales girl. LOL!

Oops, I didn't know I am in the mirror. HAHAH!

Registration sector.

Conference rooms opened up for excess demand.

Theatrette is fully packed with 200 people. Left some who came late, they will be directed here. 


Wooo!!! Lot of daisies. My favourite flower is actually daisy.

They are so nicely packed and tied with ribbons. 
Haizx, lot of photos are with the DSLR. I don't know when can I get the photos and when can I get my DSLR??? :(

13 cells Halloween celebration @ Bukit Brown cemetery
Due to the lousy Iphone camera at night, I can only capture this picture with little blue lighting. This our starting point, our start to horror. 

I think the event was quite successful. The 13cells facebook comments were all so negative but I think it is not that bad. Maybe it could be due to the first two weeks, they had insufficient preparation, manpower, budget and experience. It is not easy to hold scare people event at a real haunted place. The actors had to overcome their fear for encountering haunted happenings and they also must have strong heart and courage. Overall, I think it is quite worth it.

Now that halloween is over and happy, next is my birthday party. I hope I will have a super successful party. 


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