Saturday, October 22, 2011

Updates Outings.

2 October 2011 - Indonesia

The trip was rather dissappointing that I don't wish to put it into my memory data. The bus was bad, the plan was bad, the surroundings was boring. I remembered when I went to Indonesia when I was younger, we went to temples and caves. I think these places were so much interesting that shopping all day long. The stuff there was cheap but still not that attractive and useful for me. As for the neighbourhood that we past by, villagers were burning rubbish and watching them burn happily. This is really a new interesting sight for me. No wonder Singapore so hazy. Anyway there is nothing much in Indonesia as earlier warned by the tour guide. Nonetheless, it was a good experience.

16 October 2011 - Korean bbq buffet round 2

Round 1 was at Chinatown branch. Now for a second round at the Novena branch. I find this branch much more welcoming than the one at Chinatown. In term of location, it is much more easy to location. The internal space was very big and can accommodate lot of customers. Most importantly is there are seats outside the restaurant which can reduce the bbq smell on our clothes and hair. It is also much more cooler outside but inside was not that bad either with the air-con. As for the food, they had much more varieties with rice, nooodles, pancakes and ice cubes which Chinatown branch don't have. The food are also much more hygience to me and look more appealing. The table is also so much bigger and spacious. Now I am craving for it again. Yummy~

I love bbq white sausage. The meat are delicious too provided that we bbq them to the correct timing. Not raw and not too ripe.

Spot the kimchi and pickled radish carrot. They are so yummy!!!

This is thin slices of pickled radish. This is so yunmy too! Look at the beef below. So juicy and yummy~

My favourite.

Our messy table.

It is not that expensive either. :)

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