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05 & 06 November 2011 - Kukup smelly trip

Setting off in the early morning in an Indian style coach bus.

Reached Malaysia and greeted by patches of green.

The lake that lies within the field.

Reached Kukup.

Our first meal of lunch. Sitting among us are 3 ill-mannered teenagers who snatched food like Aunties. At first sight, I already disliked them. My whole family and friends were seriously offended by these 3. I swear not to pampered my kids like how they are. Disgraceful behaviours.

A shot of the restaurant we had our lunch at. The food was alright, the space was rather cramp. Not a very good choice to had your meal in.

The street of Kukup.

Ferry terminal. We travel here by bus instead.

Coconut on floor whereby I don't know why?

Frying banana balls. The store was simple and open.

Sunning fish meat to make salted fishes. They were heavy polluted by fat houseflies.

One of their local product shop.

On top of our head are packs of goodies.

Heavily polluted with rubbish that no one bothered.

Moment of low-tide.

Sunning food.

Our resort entrance.


View from the second level of our resort.

Still under construction. I never see any construction workers at all. Life for workers here is really great. Back in SG, workers had to work on weekends.

Our tea break; freshly fried prawn crackers and a cup of tea. The crackers quite nice, not those hard kind but  is actually prawns plus flour and fried it. It look like crackers thou.

Really feel quite insecure when walking on the path. Who knows when I offended someone and get pushed down the path. I don't even dare to imagine how am I going to get up from it.

The right side is for the staff to live in. Their is so nice but ours is totally effortlessly decorated. How can they do things so simply. I can do better than them and making sure my guests feel satisfied with their stay.

Even their staff were so slacked, everyone kept pushing their difficult tasks to one another. Simple thing like returning money change have to run around the whole resort house to find people for small change.

Want to find staff to set up the Karaoke set also can't spot their staff. If those Karaoke set were put on instructions, we won't have to find their staff as everyone are finding them to set up as well.

My childhood flowers.

Mass of green mosses.

Look like an abandoned boat on the abandoned sea base.

In a Chinese temple. Isn't the sky blue pretty?

Spot the snake. I spotted it first and shouted for everyone to come and see.

Typical house of Kukup.

When the tide comes up, all will be filled with water. How cool to play basketball on floating platform on the left.

A new born puppy into the sea base and these kids save it up. Spot the red shirt boy holding a tiny brown puppy on his hand. The way he hold is so cute.

Trying to get the dirt off the puppy.

The puppy was sleeping soundly on his lap.

The puppy is so cute, isn't it?

His serious expression is so cute too. It seems like he is trying to tell people stop animal abuse.

A river form among the sea.

Sunning tiny shirmp or fishes? I don't know.

Another resort from the same boss as our resort. This resort is so much better and beautiful. They have lot of space for people to stand for fishing activity. Unfortunately this resort is occupied by another SG tour group.

Fish farm aka kelong.

Nice shot of the sun.

We will be taking boat ride back to our resort.

On the boat.

Waiting for everyone to get on the boat.

After which, we move our seat to the front. The  view was spectacular, feel like we were driving the boat.


Group of people gathered around for fish tour.

On the way back to our resort, we saw this mama dog feeding it puppies. Everyone pass by it will stop to take photos. The mama dog must be wondering what the heck are we doing. It must thinking we are trying to attack them as the mama dog does stare at us with teary eye.

Our meal area way back into the resort. The celling is so cool whereby the staff can use a long stick and pull the celling left and right depending on the weather. The sky is serious pretty.

Our next activity: Kong Ming lantern session. Everyone were busy writing their wishes. This is mine.

Helping to input the wax candle onto the lantern.

We are ready to set those lanterns up.

Other people setting their lanterns.

Lanterns that flew miles away from us.

Some were burning fire crackers.

Burning the wax candle.

Ooops, one lantern bounced onto the rooftop. But no worries, it flew up eventually after the hot air are enough in the lantern.

Make a wish and set the lantern high up the sky.

I wonder where all those lanterns land at?

Our resort bed room for 6 people. The air-con was super cool during the night time. The temperature setting was serious rubbish as we setted way toward 30 degree was it was still freaking cold. The worst thing is the blanket is damn thin. I had to cover my useful shawl onto my face and neck to break the coldness.

Our spacious living room. The TV set was super dusty and dirty. Don't be cheated by that huge TV. Good to have a huge TV but when come to using it, it is so dusty.

The unglam toilet. Luckily there were no spiders if not I would be so unease to bath in it. The flushing function is so lousily.

Waiting for our boat ride tour.

One group setted off.

On another side of our view, fishermen are busy packing the fishes that were freshly caught for exporting to restaurants.

Standing in position for fish viewing. The fishes there were really huge and fat.

These fishes in this net feed on spiders and other insects. They also spray water in defend.

Mini shark.

I seriously love those dogs guarding the Kelong. All were so bushy and most hilarious is that they sit like a mermaid with their hands neatly placed in front of them.

Doing small business on the Kelong.

He is so funny. Whatever he bring out from the net, all cameras will be out and snatch non-stop. He jokingly say he want to put a board next time indicating, one shot for $5. HAHAHHA!

He got bored holding it. I guess the living thing is bored too staying upside down and had to come out from the water everytime when a group of tourist came. It seems so used to this scenario until it won't even struggle. It would obediently and gracefully showcase itself. HAHAH!

You see he got bored again. HAHAHHAH!

The dog suddenly came near us and those people who were scare of big dog started running haywire. HAHAHH!

Water snake.

Everyone happily snapping away. 

Birds sanctuary.

The water was.....

We are back to the spot where the mama dog was feeding the puppy. Now the puppy is left alone.

We ready to leave Kukup. This is trolley that transport our luggage bags to and fro. At first we were very resistant to put our bag in it when we reached Kukup. But after that we realised we have no choice at all.

On our way to second day lunch. We saw this puppy alone again. Where is your mama?

Our last meal is Kukup. This pregnant cat had to keep coming under our table and wait for food. Not twice but almost around four times. In other part of Malaysia, during meals, we were so busy chasing houseflies. Here, we had look our for cats and chase them off our table. If not when you started eating, they might jump onto your lap and eat your lunch on behalf of you.

I was chit-chatting with my mum friend beside me and we were both saying that despite loving the cat so much but we just simply don't dare to touch it. LOL! I seriously love cat so much that I will dare at it for hours but never will I lay a hand on it. Same for dog and hamsters... because I was bitten by hamster before and chase by a huge dog before. So see see only will keep myself safe from attack. HAHHA! 

After which we travelled to several local product shops as well as Tesco and Jusco shopping mall and had our last meal; dinner for the trip and ended our tour. 

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