Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pleasure #11 Starting your Morning slowly 

1) Give yourself plenty of time.
Maybe one day I’ll enjoy a life that doesn’t require an alarm or I wake up when my body tells me it’s time to get up. Until then I create a time buffer in my morning. Even if you are a morning person, creating a time buffer to ease into your day will benefit you. It gives you time to think about what’s in store for the day and gives your body a chance to warm up.

2) Create a morning tradition.
Even when I don’t drink coffee or periodically go off caffeine, I still sip something hot in the morning. It’s a good excuse to sit still and wake up a little bit at a time. Don’t like coffee? Try hot tea or even hot chocolate. I’ve had friends who start their day with a soda but that just doesn’t have the same appeal to me.

3) Protect your morning tradition.
Once you’ve figured out what works for you and your day, protect it. It may take awhile to tweak your schedule until you have the time frame figured out. Once you figure out the optimal amount of time to start your day, you can move it earlier or later while still keeping the tradition intact.

4) Prepare the night before.
Being proactive the night before will help you ease into your mornings. This is not new advice, but it’s often something I forget. Programming the coffee pot to be ready when you wake up, laying out clothes, and packing lunches the night before can all bring an element of calm to your day. No one likes feeling rushed or unprepared.

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