Friday, February 03, 2012

Hate it when things went wrong.

I am really so scared when things went wrong. The fear was... so SCARY!!!
Things were actually very small and very simple but someone just had to mess it up, make a big fuss and turned it into the world most complicated thing ever.
I don't understand why all the people that I highly respect had to treat me badly when things went wrong. I always thought that the people I respect are nice but when they were unhappy, they treat EVERYONE like shit!
My respect for that person is totally GONE! This is the 2nd person in my life.
I hate it when people settle things but blaming who is at fault first instead of settling the problem.
I hate it most when the people I respect raise their voice and shout at me. My heart break cause I totally can't believe you did that to me.
When things is lost go find it. No point forcing me to think where did I put it when I HAD ALREADY TOLD you where I put it. It is pointless for me to explain when you don't believe what I said.
I also hate it most when I am accused for things I did not do. In the end things are still back in place. All those frustrations are unnecessary. Most importantly is to put all your heart and effort in solving the matter. Remain calm and steady to settle it quickly. Imagine there is a fire and you went crazy. The wrong scene will be in a mess.

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