Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Rule #41 25 Mistakes that Prevent Better Relationships


1. Talk too much about yourself (I should stop.)
2. Show no interest in other people’s lives
3. Complain (Sometimes, I feel helpless when they do. End up I will start to go No. 19.)
4. Don’t let people finish their sentences
5. One-up other people’s stories (They make me embarrassed. Haizx, I am unable to protect myself well.)
6. Don’t ask people to continue when they get interrupted
7. Don’t keep track of other people’s lives
8. Ignore someone’s emails and text messages (They always did this to me. What can I do?)
9. Respond instantly after someone talks (Oops, I should stop!)
10. Be vague in your thanks and praise. (I should work on this. I should be more expressive in showing grateful and appreciative to others.)
11. Assume that it’s a good time interrupt others
12. Be late (No matter what, I always ensure to be punctual. If late, I will inform promptly.)
13. Remind people of their imperfections (I did sometimes, I tried to control until they start to boost. They kind of trigger me to do so. )
14. Tell people that they “shouldn’t feel that way.”
15. Give unsolicited advice
16. Criticize other people’s ideas
17. Talk as if you know it all (To self and they: STOP IT YA!)
18. Brag (I did sometimes. They did too.) 
19. Put down the achievements of others
20. Talk bad about someone (Sometimes. Slap self.)
21. Be distracted while talking to someone
22. Don’t make eye contact
23. Relate every conversation back to your own life
24. Assume that you know how others feels
25. Don’t smile when you meet people

After all, I don't fare that badly.
However, I do wish that since I can't change others, I should change myself to be a better person.
I wish to have a better enriching life.
Jia you to achieve complete happiness.

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