Sunday, July 14, 2013

Her's farewell BBQ session.

She allowed us to invite our friends over.
We invited but didn't turned up.
No courtesy of telling me couldn't turn up.
Again, a big disappointment again after my birthday chalet.
When I looked over to other people chalet, their people is like so on and steady.
While ours is so quiet and isolated.
Luckily we are a brunch of noisy people and attracted a guy to offer us a harder material fan.
BBQ session is really fun, but with more proactive people will be much more fun.
I am looking forward to future BBQ session.

We bought for her from airport DFS.
Whiskey plus cola.
It tastes damn bitter.
We taste it pure too, it taste super spicy and bitter. OUGCH!

 My best laughing partner.

I love those hot red charcoal we achieve.
We had a hard time trying to achieve those results.

Happy goodbye to the beautiful her~

I love it that everyone smile so brightly and happily, even though we are pissed off with the low attendance.

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