Saturday, August 17, 2013

Color Run Singapore

Before the run, we were still clean and white. 

For this event, I gotten myself a white shoe. 
Very unfortunately they love to attack our face and neglect my shoes.

We started to get colour bombed. 
Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red. 
I am actually expecting more colours like green, orange...

After Pink station. 

At the Blue station, the powder kept getting into my eyes. 
It is best to wear goggles. 

After the Red station. 
The Red ones are the most dangerous. 
The colour is really thick and hard to wash off. 
Until now, even I can't anything red on my face, but when I use tissues to wipe, there is still trace of red powder. 

We are as if like on a weird island, everyone so messy with colours. 

5km run ended quite fast. 
It ended with a beautiful sunset. 

After the run. 
Any major moves we made, there is powder coming out from us. 
Public gave us the "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" kind of look. 

Effects from the colour powder.

A piece of white shirt after the run. 
Not as well coloured as I expect. 
The volunteers are not very active like red colour team.
Participants kept choking each station. It is unlike those runners picture I saw from overseas.   

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