Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rule #44 Things better to be than Rich

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1. Content
This can help me meet higher hierarchy of need.

2. Generous
I do wish to do volunteer work and help more needy people.

3. Free
I really treasure the freedom that I gain.

4. Selfless

5. Honest
Having a more peaceful night rather than having a restless night tossing around thinking.

6. Passionate
Author: "It is far better to have a career and life we love waking up to in the morning than a high-paying job that brings no satisfaction, provides no positive contribution, and provokes no passion in our day."
Well said by the author. It is really so true and I did experience it before having no Monday blues at all. However I left

7. Dependent
Greater security in lasting, trusting relationships.

8. Compassionate
Put ourselves in the shoe of others.

9. Humble

10. Resourceful
Author: Learning how to live with less is an important pursuit. It teaches us the value of the things right in front of us and forces us to appreciate them even more.

11. Connected
Provide the joy in our lives which money can never produce.

12. Perseverant
Don't give up so easily and you will see the rainbow.

13. Happy
To live lives of joy and fulfilment and help others to do so too.

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