Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 March Bangkok BKK Day 1 (14 March - Friday)

This time round, I went with my Mum and her friends (total include myself: 7 adults + 1 kid). I feel that this is not a very fun trip because most of them shop very slow, I couldn't control the meal time, couldn't bring them to more places and couldn't have a good control of everything. No one is there is think of the poor kid need, she doesn't feel very happy as well. I intend to bring her to the Ocean World and the dessert house. I wanted them to break up into two groups also cannot cause they have got poor sense of direction and they need my help to translate and get discount and to show them the converted currency list. The whole trip is actually filled with full of unhappy moments. I feel that travelling with my fellow besties are far more fun.

If I am travelling with my friends, they are more willing to take mrt/ bts which is like so near to our hotel as compared to many other hotels. My friends are more willing to stick to the planned time of the itinerary and hence get to visit more places. My friends are of course more adventurous and more fun. I also had plans to travel alone and stayed in the hotel alone for a few days. Looking forward to it. And also looking forward to my free and easy korea trip without translation after my korean classes after my graduation.

So let's start with day 1.

It is always a good point to reach the airport earlier for any unforeseen situation. Luckily we reached earlier, as one of the adult took his son baggage instead of hers. Luckily his son is at home so he quickly rush down to exchange the baggage. Anyway I always make it a point to enter early so I can enjoy the fantastic entertainment inside SG duty free area. I love the leg massage machine even though they are quite unhygienic.

Me and my mum baggage. I am a minimalist, so I kind of very irritated with her cause she bought so many things over. I like it less, simple and light. We took taxi to airport with 2 other adults but I really would love to take the MRT instead of taxi to the airport. Anyway both of these baggages are bought from bkk. Awfully cheap deals.

Our flight time is at 5.45pm and arriving at bkk time 7.05pm.

Using the monopod.

 We are travelling on Scoot airline, all my 3 flight rides are all given to Scoot airline. After the MH370 incident, I might consider taking airline with cautious.

 That's what I don't like when all other adults all don't understand english, I can't enjoy my alone time in the flight. I had to fill up 7 white cards.

We were too hungry so we had to buy something not so cheap to snack on. Now I learn my lesson, I ought to buy some breads up to eat.

The sunset is pretty.

 The night view of bkk.

We wasted quite a lot of time at the bbk customs and at purchasing sim card for one of the adult.

They really love travelling via taxi but I managed to get them to travel by mrt/ bts a few times. All other times, we travel by taxi. Taxi is more expensive by around 5-10 baht and they are more risky because we almost got scammed on the last day of our trip when we want to travel from baiyoke sky hotel area to platinum mall with a low cost via tuk tuk of 20 baht. They start the nightmare of showing up a petrol coupons card and ask we all to go there. I told him no, we are rushing to the airport and he raise the price to 80 baht. WTF! That's why I love walking if possible or not via mrt/bts. They are so much more safer.

 Before we check in our hotel, mum saw really delicious that she bought every single day.

We are staying at Budacco hotel. Last time they used to provide free half day tour but now they don't. And they charged quite expensive for their admission tickets now. Last time they also used to provide chinese channels and lots of english channel with a channel menu in their, now they don't anymore. I had to flip the channel one by one.

After which we take taxi to Yaowarat T&K seafood to have dinner. Was quite disappointed because more of their dishes are sold out. WTF. Most of those delicious dishes don't have. It was around 10pm+ at that time. Not a happy meal.

After which we shop at Lin Zhen Xiang to buy lots of local products and packed into carton boxes.

Wanted to try but Mum don't allow me to take risk.

By the street food stall, totally awful food. The kway tiao is too salty and the bird nest is too sweet. I should have insist on my stand to bring them to the best bird nest restaurant. If only I could control them.

After which we travel back to our hotel and shop around pratunam area. If only they could walk, I would bring them to the night market area diagonally opposite of platinum mall.

I went for this trip straight after my exam. There is still lots of things I didn't do like printing my itinerary into paper form, printing out the price list for them to refer to without kept bugging me to count with my calculator, and also to remind them to bring universal plug.

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