Monday, June 23, 2014

Rule #45 The Art of Listening

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3 nice points:

1. Stop doing everything else
This action shows how much we care.
Everyone can't multi-task.
No phone, no distraction, just focus.

2. Let the other person do the talking
Give all the spotlight to the person talking.
Tame my mouth, open my ear.

3. Take the person's side
Most of us need a friend, not a judge. When we need to talk, it’s usually because something has happened in our life that makes us feel vulnerable or unsure of ourselves. Confiding in someone is our way of saying “I need your support right now.”
Taking someone’s side doesn’t mean condoning everything they do or feeling exactly the way they do. It means deciding whether to stand next to the person and face the world together, or backing out and telling them they’re alone in this.

Most of my friends will take my side but there is still that small handful who don't care about people feeling at the moment and say thing that they think is right and make sense to them. OH COME ON, do that later.

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