Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Thanks for giving me the inspiration to blog.

Other countries people is indeed right that that is always that small group of people in SG that like to complain. 
In the past, things like that got solved so easily and efficient with little noise and blaming all over the place. Lots of problem solving skills are put to great use and to its maximum. 
Nowadays, things will still get solved by the most efficient people but it initiate unhappy and blaming and noises from the peers. 
We don't used to do that because we know that will get nothing solved. It will only lead yourself to more enemies and more unhappiest in your life cause you can't do much but complain. 
If we were to complain you about your work, the list will be endless. 
A senior told me before, if you think you are already perfect like a god, then you can start complaining about other people mistakes, flaws and weaknesses. If not then shut your mouth and strengthen your work instead of ruining our people work. 

I miss the old style of working in harmony and peace under all kind of scenario and circumstances. 
We work hard together with shortage of everything and we don't even get to eat. At that time everyone is super close with everybody from all department. Those times and memories were golden and they are gone forever. 

The whole situation have become so unfriendly and so inhuman. I won't never know what they are doing or saying behind us but god will know and do what they truly deserve to be treated. 

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